Accessories for your Mouse
There different accessories available out there that you can use with your mouse. Some of these do not really aid the use of your mouse in any way, while some are very significant additions and greatly improve your mousefs performance and life span.
One of the most important accessories that go with your mouse is the mouse pad. You will usually get one when you buy your computer, but you can still choose to buy your own. The mouse pad can affect your mousefs performance, like smoothness of movement and accuracy.
Mouse pads not only improve mouse performance, but protect it as well. Normal surfaces are usually dirty, and might damage your mouse. Mouse pads are relatively cleaner than these surfaces.
Mouse pads also have different surfaces. Some are made of rubber, while there are also those that are made of neoprene-type material, sort of like a wetsuit. There are also hard plastic, and even glass mouse pad surfaces, but these types are meant for professional use, because they provide more accuracy in movement.
A recent development, these additions are usually made of adhesive Teflon that you can stick to the bottom of your mouse, which can make moving the mouse easier and much smoother.
This accessory is made to be used with most wired mice. The mouse bungee raises your mouse cord so that it wonft get snagged by other cables or objects on your desk, making mouse use much easier.
These accessories are more for fun than for function. They cover your mouse, and usually come in different materials and styles.