About Computer Mice
The mouse made its first public appearance in 1968, when it was demonstrated. It had two wheels that were placed at 90-degree angles of each other, and showed concepts that we have come to be familiar with today, such as video conferencing, two-dimensional display editing, and multiple on-screen windows.
But it was only with the release of Xerox PARCfs Alto Computer in 1973 that the mouse was used as a main control method. The Alto Computer also had Ethernet networking and multiplayer gaming.
It is quite hard to imagine that the use of the mouse with Microsoft Windows used to be a tedious task. The Microsoft Windows version of 1985 made working with the mouse quite difficult, often requiring you to go through the confusing settings and commands in order to detect a mouse in your system.
But now, the mouse has gained popularity, and most, if not all, computer systems, are making use of this nifty little device.