Common Keyboard Types(1)
You will have no trouble finding these types of keyboards in most computer stores. The more affordable ones donft offer much features; they are usually loud and are not soft when typed with. The more expensive types will offer more comfort and features.
For those who have no special need for a specific type of keyboard, you may consider the following:
If you have very limited space on your desk, or want to get rid of unsightly wires and cables, the wireless keyboard is for you. They make use of infrared or radio frequency to connect with the rest of your computer components, so there is no need to connect it with a wire. Of course, these keyboards will cost more than the wired ones.
These specially-designed keyboards were developed to minimise wrist or arm strain from prolonged computer use. They are available in two varieties: adjustable split or fixed split. This keyboard is split in the middle to allow for comfortable use. Adjustable ergonomic keyboards can be angled to your desired position.
This type of keyboard connects to your computer via the USB slot. Before buying this type, make sure that you still have an available USB port that your keyboard can connect to, as most devices connect to your computer through this port.
You also have the option of purchasing a USB hub to add more USB ports to your computer.